The Answer Awakens… Yes I am in Star Wars!

Mates, it has been a while since I’ve been posting, but for good reason. I’ve been under scrutiny to keep some information private. But now as we grow closer to the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens I can begin to reveal a bit of what I’ve been up too. Now I know fans want all the information they can find on the movie, but I am limited to what I can tell you for now. Let’s begin with my character from The Force Awakens and I’ll give you as much as I can.

Star Wars

I play, and I am legally bound not to reveal the name yet, a mystery character in the film. I am a Jedi spirit guide who helps Rey and Finn achieve their mission. Truth be told, these characters are not the brightest lights in the universe and truly need my help.

I was sent to them by the spirit of Yoda and summoned by Luke Skywalker to help them along their way. From what you have learned so far, I’m confident you’ve seen all the running and blowing things up they do. Unfortunately these young Millennials have been raised to believe they are winners and can do everything, but sadly, Finn received medals for being the Stormtrooper who never got called in to play with the team and well, growing up on a rather barren plant, Rey, well she had no team and just became spoiled. What’s gone wrong with this generation mates?

Well this is where my character comes in.  While I can’t tell you what happens in Star Wars The Force Awakens, I can let you know these kids need my help, and do they!

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The good news is that along the way I am also able to help other characters, like Han Solo and Chewbacca also. You see I have a great task in this film and if you’re ever going to figure out what has happened with Luke Skywalker, well you must follow my journey (oops potential spoiler there).

So mates, over the next few weeks as anticipation builds to the opening, I will bring you some production shots for you to see how I fit in. In the meantime, May The Force Be With You!



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