Star Wars Ep. 1-3 Marathon on Instagram

Hello mates! With the big reveal that I am quite certainly part of Star Wars The Force Awakens (as you can see here) The Force Awakens

I decided to go back and watch all six of the movies leading up to my debut in the new film.

You can find me commenting on many things including: Anakin’s immature behavior, Mace Windu’s constant struggle with Jedi Fico Scores, Obi Wan’s lack of manliness in Ep.1, Padme making the mistake of taking Anakin’s man seed, to all other things Star Wars! I even commented on that dolt Jar Jar Stinks!

Here’s a gallery of screen shots for you to flip through. This is Ep. 1-3, and I will add 4-6 tomorrow along with another yet unseen still from my role in The Force Awakens.

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