Why volunteering at Christmastime isn’t enough!
Dallas Margarita Ball 2014
Vlog Project with Dad FAIL
We’re in this together Lizzie and Red! The Blacklist
My greatest fear, and it’s not EBOLA!
Dallas ComicCon Fan Appreciation Day!
My Cruising Holiday!
Would you like to call and say hello?
My A-Kon adventure!
Memorial Day Weekend
Dallas ComicCon 2014, Oh What A Day!
Summer is on the way!
New stickers on the way!
Ever feel Fuzzy?????
Spring has sprung!
You never know who you may run into!
Off on Holiday!
Another year of great movie roles, for me!
It’s Good to be accepted!
Going for Gold!
Goodby my dear old mates
Bones, Spock & Klingons!
State of the Union 2014
Who doesn’t love BEAVER?!
I Love Sochi!
Live Fast, Kart Race!
I got the first flying car!
Flying has become a nightmare!
Getting to the Packers Game!
The Reunion you’ve waited 37 years for!
Snowboarder Extrordinaire!
Look at me, I’m Famous now!

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